I think I'm the only prepper in nl

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Nl outdoorsmen
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I think I'm the only prepper in nl

Post by Nl outdoorsmen » Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:51 am

I've only been prepping for a couple months now but I'm also a student so my funds are tight which means my supplies are limited but living in newfoundland and living a outdoors life( camping,hunting. Ect) I've noticed I have many things in my shed to help me and my family out during a emergency situation. But what I lack in supplies I make up for in my knowledge of survival tactics and other skills I have learned over the years. My main question to this forum is this, how can I prep on a budget? I mean you see these people who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on supplies and gear but is it really nesscery to spend money on "the best" gear you can get?

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Re: I think I'm the only prepper in nl

Post by cernunnos5 » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:52 pm

I believe I can help. First off is to ask your self what you mean by gear. Drop the idea of the prepper as special forces, ninja warrior of the wasteland. I call that survivalist masturbation. I don't think the anti Christ has plans of sending UN commi zombie cyborgs to invade Newfoundland as the top priority of her world domination tour.
My spidy senses are telling me that you already have a lot of the real gear that you need. Do you have a chainsaw? Canada is cold. Firewood takes a year to dry. A machine gun might save your life (Insert sarcastic voice wile saying that) But I can guarantee that you will use the chainsaw and it will save your life. As for cheap prepps, your #1 prepp should be FOOD. Forget the freeze dried space hiker food or MRE wannabe bankrupt warrior food. "Store what you eat, eat what you store, use it or lose it" is the general rule. If you like a certain can of soup, wait for it to go on sale then buy 20. Rice is cheap and stores almost indefinitely if property sealed. Pasta makes a 50 Cent can of mushroom soup feed 5. Spending an extra 20 $ each time you go shopping will be traumaless but the food stash will multiply faster than you can build shelves to store it. Store gas and rotate it every 6 months. A rusty bolt action 22 will kill most animals you would want to eat. First nations have been knownto bring down Moose with them if you know the trick of it and you can carry 1000 rounds in a cargo pocket. If you want a huge cache of herloom survival seeds, just buy a few packs , grow them yourself...and collect a huge return of seeds. As a bonus...you just might learn how to garden out of the experience or at least find out what doesn't work that you were absolutely sure would work. Bow saws an Bycycles. No gas, no problem. I hope this helps
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Re: I think I'm the only prepper in nl

Post by Syn » Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:30 pm

On another thread cernunnos5 pointed out recycling a baby trailer made for a bike and revamping it to be a small cargo trailer for behind the bike and incorporate cycling into your life more is a great prep that will benefit our fitness and health as well as save on expenses for fuel and eliminate pollution. I would concur that taking up gardening with a passion , even a few potted herb plants to start and grow more things as you can is a big move to being more self sufficient. And I would add having a few laying hens , even in an urban lot if possible will provide you with the utility of few fresh eggs a day which is a pretty reliable source of protein. Back yard laying hens are considered sort of the gateway animal to more animal husbandry . Weatherproofing your house by caulking and insulating, making roof repairs can make life easier in any circumstance , as well as other maintenance like cleaning the chimney or shocking a well and waterlines periodically all serve you in good times or bad . Acquiring really good outdoor clothing and footwear , hats and gloves too for yourself and your family will serve you well. I get my family's clothing from the thrift shop where I have gotten newer North Face jackets for as little as $20 . Working on skills, fitness , organization of what you have for better utility can cost nothing but give a huge benefit. I would say making an effort to really know your community can serve you tremendously , when exploring the people around you , you can learn about what strengths and weaknesses they have . Some people might be a tremendous asset and have skills to learn from , others may be a liability to watch out for. Do you know your neighbours and have a list handy to communicate with them say if there is a lost child or pet or senior with alzheimers to rally around finding ? Increasing your awareness of resources around your community , be it where fruit and nut trees are planted to who has a swimming pool for water storage or a barbeque can help because few people will be organized in an emergency and just being able to point out what everyone can work together to utilize is needed sometimes. Any activity that rallies people to work together cooperatively now in any manner may help to organize people in an emergency or chaotic time. Acquiring and developing competence with basic work shop and garden tools from garage sales even seems to be pretty basic but gosh that is useful all of your life. Networking with other students and having some basic plan of to deal with getting home in weather emergencies or sharing a shelter with someone , little adaptions like not running your vehicles fuel down to empty but refilling when it is half full , get use to having a few basic extras in your daypack and carrying it with you is really basic and then extend that to your vehicle . Every little step builds to the next and the more you can get others be they family or friends or other students to also take a few steps , the better off you will be . You absolutely will not be the only prepper in Newfoundland : )

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