Where is everyone going and what has everyone done?

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Where is everyone going and what has everyone done?

Post by newfprepper »

I've packed two bug out bags...one for my girlfriend, and one for me. Gasmasks, rations, fire starters, knives, snare wire, clothes, water...the essentials and some.

My plan is to get clear of the city. I live 30km outside of St John's, but I seriously believe that one would want to be very far away from SJ. I'm hoping that our NL hospitality will allow things to play out differently here in a crisis situation. As was shown from the last power crisis, when gas and rations such as bread and milk became scarce, people will panic and there will likely be conflict.

Looking forward to speak to any other Newfoundland preppers.

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Re: Where is everyone going and what has everyone done?

Post by Captain_Ambiguous »

I'd give Newfoundland better odds than most provinces because there are a relatively high percentage of rugged individuals. And yes, we're just nicer people ;)

I think if I were you (I live in Calgary now) I'd buy a cheap house in one of the smaller, sleepier towns that are known for fishing, not their high commerce. Alot of people in St. John's have no real SHTF applicable skills (though their parents might).
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Re: Where is everyone going and what has everyone done?

Post by gypsy_wanderer_husky »

I agree with Capt.
My brother and his family are in St johns. They were completely lost with our last bad power outage escapade. Yet I live a twenty min drive from St Johns, but also have another twenty min boat ride as well. We faired a heck of a lot better then they did.

Our Plans are to bug in till we have no choice but to leave. My house hold consists of a family of four, with the addition of a family of two/three (Gypsy wanderer Crow's family).
It is four adults, one 16 yr and a 4 yr, and posably a 20 yr.

We have bugout bags ready.
four vehicles,which are two trucks, one rv, and one 15ft boat.
Water, fire starters, Cloths, first aid kits, the 16yr old has her first aid aswell.
We have camp stoves and heaters, and a generator.
Protection wise we have weapons and dogs.
And a cb.

I can and dehydrate our foods.
Staying wise I can garden, and we have chickens. But we do have wild rabbits roaming here and a boat to fish from.

If we where to leave here, most of it would come with us to a rural area, hoping for some crown land.
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
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Re: Where is everyone going and what has everyone done?

Post by N8tureboy »

Been planning to Bug in at least for the first few days. Got my firearms all certified for hunting (And Protection) Camera system that i can watch from anywhere in the house. Big enough Generator to power most of the house. Working on a Wood Stove and wood. Bug out plan is, 2 Jeep Wrangler unlimited's with enough Gas to get to the coast where i can meet up with family (Also Preppers) Food and water Stores are growing. Communication plan is coming along, I have enough CB Equipment to equipe all out rigs. Being In Labrador, there's loads of hunting and forging to be done, reading and learning about what i can eat here. During the last few outages, we were sitting pretty. Only short term, ones, but it was a good test, was able to identify some of my problems. Got to get me a proper Transfer switch installed.
Coming at ya from the Coldlands of Canada
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