Newfoundland prepping network.

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Newfoundland prepping network.

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Hey everyone,

My earlier post has attracted one person recently just before the new year. after a couple weeks of talking back and forth we both agreed that a network of people or a group if you want to call it of like minded people would be a great idea to start a prepping network here on the island. I'm willing to bet there is more then just the two of us so we both thought it would be a idea to post here and see if we can try and find more people. For privacy reasons for everyone no names or personal information will be exchanged until communication has been made and we all get to know each other a little more. We both agreed that some people may be worried about being ridiculed for prepping by friends,family, or coworkers but we won't judge you because we to also know why you prep. Your not worried about the Koreans or Russians invading or some global epidemic, you just want to be self reliant in case of an emergency. Some of you might be new to prepping or been doing it for years it doesn't matter because when it all comes down to it were all doing the same thing. So if your interested in talking to either one of us you can email us at and myself of frosty will get back to you as soon as we can. Just use prepper in the headline is all to help the sorting process and so emails don't get buried. We both look forward to hearing from you all soon, stay safe out there.


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Re: Newfoundland prepping network.

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looking to make contact with like minded people to discuss prepping an other skills and maby form a group
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