Notes from 2 years in Nova Scotia

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Re: Notes from 2 years in Nova Scotia

Post by Clarence » Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:15 pm

Edibleforestguy or anyone.
Take a look at a wood fired boiler to heat your homes, Barns, sheds.... one unit placed outside can feed A number of requirements. I had a unit from “central boiler” and it was wonderful. We had in floor heating but If have a forced air system, you just put a radiator unit at the old furnace location and your good to go.

All the work and mess of bring wood into the stoves/s is eliminated. I topped mine up only once a day during the coldest -40 days. I could leave Friday night and come back Sunday evening and still be plenty safe, I just filled the fire box up and walked away.

Lower insurance rate as well because there’s no wood stove in the house and no chance of fire! On a normal eastern Ontario winter day, I would in five minutes, chuck maybe ten good pieces of wood in and that would keep me at 180 degrees for 24 hours. Used to do it in a suit sometimes before heading to a meeting. Onetime I was in a boardroom and kept smelling what I thought was maple smoked bacon. Just the Maple smoke coming off my suit :lol: :lol: I kept looking at people to see if their noses were picking up the same odd smell :oops:

The other awesome thing is, you don’t need to split the wood!! Huge time saver. If I had a six - eight inch log, I would cut at three feet and just toss the log in. I burnt all the brush / branches as well. If I had a two foot thick tree, I would cut up into “hockey puck” slices /8 inches thick and toss in. It saved my back and arms lifting a big log onto wood splitter.
Nope, Besides a tractor with bucket, it’s the best damn thing I Ever bought for the property.

I got good with burning down the coals and emptied the box of ash about three times a year, so super easy maintenance. Topped the water up 2-3 times a year as well

Put it on a nice Raised concrete Base so box is at knee height so you don’t need to bend at all, simple mechanics of one aqua stat and one transformer to control the electronic damper and the pump inside the house of course.

Other huge benefit was we hooked up to hot water tank and NEVER ever came close to running out of hot water, house of teen girls and showers, cloths... and always had 180 degree water if needed.

You only need power to work the electronic damper and to pump/ circulate the water continuously. So you do need power but a solar system would work.

Loved it and farmers from around here would come and look and eventually get one for their dairy farms / abundance of hot water for cleaning of milk equipment... and of course heat the old farm house. We ran pure water in it but some people run a coolent mix so it won’t freeze when not in use!

If you have power to run the pumps or a forced air system ( if not hot water radiant heat in the floor) then for me, this would be the way to go. Less work, safer and less mess.

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