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henry wrote:Hay Clarence. The money you spend on moving will buy you few solar panels. My hydro bill for last 6 month is average $8/m. Buy few acres of bush (let say south of North Bay) You do not have to worry about people just mind your business and work hard.VERY PEACEFUL AND REWARDING LIFE.
Sweet mother of pearl, 8 dollars a month for energy.! Even when I heated entirely by wood, I was in the thousands, and that was over a decade ago.
Have to say, I admire your frugality

I’m chilling where I am. Have a decent setup and with exception of some crime prone trash nearby, people are hard working people

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Re: Nova Scotia Vs. PEI

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Clarence wrote:
Gallowshumour wrote:
AmongLions wrote:Hey people,

If you don't mind my asking, why have you decided to leave Ontario?

I'm in Quebec right now, but I was looking to move to Ontario sometime this year.
Gallows. hydro is extremely expensive here, taxes going up, province in worse shape financially then California, lib leaning populace...

lots of bush, water and game if you go far enough so that's a plus.

i would think hard on moving. if your known or can fit in to a new area easily, great, but sticking out like a sore thumb is something that needs to be factored in.
I can understand you wanting away from the leftists, they're not my cup of tea, either, but you don't hold out some hope for a Conservative government coming in?

The problem with the east coast is that it seems to be locked in a long-term, depressed economic state. While Ontario is in a lot of debt, it does have the capability of bringing itself back. I might be wrong, but i don't see Nova Scotia being a "have" province any time soon.

As for taxes, I think Nova Scotia's sales tax is two points higher than Ontario's (15% vs 13%), and Nova Scotia's lowest income tax rate is over 3 points higher than Ontario's (

Maybe you'd be better off moving to a part of Ontario more closely aligned to your political beliefs (so you can at least get along with your neighbours), but don't throw yourself out of the pan and into the fire. While looking for places to move to in Ontario, I always look at the voting history of the area. Those that elect conservatives more often than not land on my list of places to look at.

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Gallows. I am fortunate to be in a conservative area and am semi retired with all my clients, professional and personnel contacts fairly close to me. For someone starting to look for land, the eastern provinces probably are a better buy. / you don’t need to freeze your tootsies off to find affordable land.

Really boils down to resources, social styles and family or network. Making any decision should be done methodically and with the least amount of emotion possible
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Re: Nova Scotia Vs. PEI

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There are positives and negatives in every Province. Nova Scotia has the HST (15%) and the area isn't an industry power house (thank goodness),

I was born and raised north of Toronto. Lived there and worked there until retirement. Had a cottage in Parry Sound. Today my home is my cottage and I have no need to flee the city. I'm a mile from the ocean and a huge beach and yet a 20 minute drive to downtown Dartmouth/Halifax (but very seldom make that drive).

Toronto has three times the population that's in this whole Province. I don't miss the people or the traffic. Here the air is clear and there are few hot sticky nights in the summer. My home isn't air conditioned, as there's no need for it. Winters are more mild.

The east coast isn't my first choice if you have to be employed. As I said, I'm retired. The Ontario Government pays me to live where I like. Real estate here is cheap and the land taxes small. Oh ya, the extra tax (15%) pays for medical. No provincial medical plan payments. It all works out.
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