Off grid to share

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Coyote flats
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Off grid to share

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Hi I'm originally from Saskachewan. I now live off grid in the Northwest Territories in the boreal forest. My cabin is large and has hot water, cell coverage, sat TV, Internet, everything you have at home. On my property there is garden, garden beds, and large greenhouse. I'm looking for someone long term to share the place with me. I would expect you to provide your share of the food but that's about it. If you think you might like this lifestyle please respond to

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Re: Off grid to share

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I like this idea but concerned about the climate , mainly with the winters.
Are they worse than saskatchewan winters, as in longer and colder?
Whats the closest town?
Also I assume you will want some rent or investment to stay there besides my own food, supplies and equal work
how much are you selling, or renting half the property for?
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