Provincial Meets

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Provincial Meets

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Putting together a Provincial Meet takes a lot of work but it is not rocket science either. By having as many people as possible involved in the development and planning of the as possible makes the work so much easier and ensures a more successful outcome. We are planning a two day Provincial Meet in Ontario on the July 20th weekend and we have received help and ideas from members of this forum from across Canada. Now we are asking for your help again.

To get some idea of the popularity of the topics we have listing what we have at the movement. There may be later additions and subtractions but we would really appreciate your input on what you see so far. We realize that you will not be able to attend but you can still help by giving your input. Please visit the topic:

From the list choose those topics that you would be interested in if you had the opportunity. The purpose is to judge popularity of topics so far and to fine tune the event. If you think there is something that we have missed please let us know.

Once the final program is complete we will be posting it on the forum along with details of the steps that we took to organize the event. This way there will be at least a rough template to work from for members of other Provinces that they could use as a starting point for their meets. It may also give smaller groups some ideas of topics they might like to explore.

Please take a moment to visit the thread, vote for the topics that interest you and have your say. Reply by using the letter associated with the event. You do not have to rank them.
i.e. I would like the topics A,C,E,F,I, J,K,L,P and T

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