Preppergruppe in Nova Scotia, Kanada

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Preppergruppe in Nova Scotia, Kanada

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Hi everyone!

I recently regained ownership of my family farm, and while I'm primarily looking to rebuild it into a business, I'm also looking to establish contact with like-minded people interested in becoming part of a self-reliant community. The property is ideal for a group of 10 to 15 people (maybe more) to live off the grid, should the global monetary system collapse (which we all know is a mathematical certainty!) I'm located in eastern Canada (Nova Scotia)

The farm was empty for numerous years but still has all it's infrastructure in tact. Roughly 80 acres of arable land along with ~150 acres of woodland have a large farm house, multiple barns, a greenhouse, a slaughterhouse, a carpentry shop, and numerous other structures.

Ich spreche auch etwas Deutsch!
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Re: Preppergruppe in Nova Scotia, Kanada

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Hey is this still up to actual?

I am new to the Preppernetwork.

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