Earthquake Nepal

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Earthquake Nepal

Post by Goldie » Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:08 am

Dreadful news of this earthquake continue to roll out.
My prayers are with the people of Nepal .

" tens of thousands of people spent the night in the open under chilly and rainy skies "

It occurs to me we should have several plastic TARPS in various places to be able to
make temporary a shelter from foul weather and even create shade if needed or privacy.
And lots of rope or paracord should be stored with it to be able to tie it in place
apart from our regular rope / paracord in our prepping supplies.

Now added to my prepping want list . Not sure what the most handy tarp size would be ?

Not sure what else others have noticed with this earthquake that is needed that we might not
have thought of.

What would YOU be lacking in supplies if this had happened where you live ?

While I have a Berkey, I don't yet have a Katydyn .

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Re: Earthquake Nepal

Post by scrounger » Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:00 pm

It will be tougher going there for quite some time.

Tarps routinely go on sale at TSC. 50 to 60 percent off. They have at least 3 different quality levels. On sale you can get a 6x8 tarp for maybe 4 bucks. I view these these as a consumable. Figure out what you would need a tarp for. That will help you decide size and quality level to buy.
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Re: Earthquake Nepal

Post by JackDee » Fri May 08, 2015 9:32 am

Anything waterproof that can be used as cover is important.
Anything waterproof that can be used to store liquid is also important.
Plastic gift wrapper, plastic bags, etc

And I really don't like today's plastic bags since they are biodegradable. Older plastic bags are more durable. Once I have to made rain poncho from small p-bags, but today's plastic ain't just that good anymore.

In a disaster, my first priority is to stay dry.
If the body get too wet and cold, will mess up a lot of things.
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Re: Earthquake Nepal

Post by RusticRV64 » Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:01 am

Terrible things happen to good, bad or indifferent folks too. NB is seismically active also. There is that potential for a big one here too. So far just temblors I read. Have an neat earth quake app for personal awareness. Came with Windows 8.1 My first summer here was tough. Rained all summer. Didn't get much done then. But no less enjoyed the time on my place. I used a good tent, large enough for comfort, warmth or fly take down for cool on hot days. Put a 40ft by 40ft tarp over the whole camp area, discovered quickly the strong wind whistled down the old logging road I was set up on. I had set up on the top of the bench I am now the debt free owner of, but the climb was too much. Moved lower down a couple hundred feet off the road. Real windy. Laid my tent and tarp almost flat from the east side, the back side when the gusts hit. stood firm though otherwise.
The tarp worked great, except in a down pour the road became the stream bed and I was awash.:) Little ditching mediated that. Starting a fire here in humid weather nearly impossible. Just went out. Neighbor up the road taught me about gas and little oil fire starter :)
Normal rain was ignored, nice and dry afoot.
Last summer I bought a motor home for 15 hundred clams and was pretty good, just moldy.:) Patched the roof and carried on. Mold is ugly. Sold it for 400 clams in the fall, maw went into hospital so had to go. Not much progress either. Cleared a nice big area though and have tons of rotting fire wood laying around. Bought oh 10 loads gravel and spread it around. Built my sub floor frame out of 12 x 12's. Building blocks on patio blocks.
Had to tear it all out in fall too. I knew by then that they would be all gone come spring. The shhhtf in Carleton county.:) Long ago I bet :) Economics and miss management of the Govt coffers etc., the usual game plan globally, like a bankster over lay of their bail out tarps. Kind of like the poster child of the NWO. Pillaged, polluted, impoverished, enslaved and desperation drives far too many to crime. IMF has been running their yaps about our economics, ready to help themselves, I mean us out any time.. then it will be not Nexit..:) Tarps I Got plenty of. I hope I haven't already transgressed upon the forum. Been a long while now.

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