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Re: Cyprus Travesty

Post by downunderpom » Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:58 pm

gracefromspace wrote:No surprise that Germany shipped all their gold back home well before this, It would have been planned for quite some time with Eurozone leaders. Not an overnight decision by any means.
I was under the impression that Germany had requested the return of their physical gold, held in New York, and that they had been told some of it would be returned to them over a period of seven years....?

"A full and complete repatriation of gold assets, however, is not envisaged:

“The Bundesbank plans to transfer 300 tonnes of gold from the Federal Reserve in New York and all of its gold stored at the Banque de France in Paris, 374 tonnes, to Frankfurt. beginning this year,

By 2020, it wants to hold half of the nearly 3,400 tonnes of gold valued at almost 138 billion euros – only the United States holds more – in Frankfurt, where it stores about a third of its reserves. The rest is kept at the Federal Reserve, the Banque de France and the Bank of England. (Reuters, January 16, 2012)" ... es/5319287

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