European Economic Collapse

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European Economic Collapse

Post by ICRCC » Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:19 pm

Many people are worried about financial collapse and see this as one of the most likely reason TSHTF. It is not just North Americans that feel this way many in Europe do. Those in Greece are living it. This is not a new article but it is relevant and well worth the read:

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Re: European Economic Collapse

Post by Offgridhippie » Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:50 am

I think it is inevitable, why? The duality of man - in short we as humans make mistakes and on a larger scale we seem to be slow to learn from our past mistakes - how many failed currencies? how many times do need to make the same mistakes over and over like fiat currencies or fractional reserve banking and my personal favorite - Quantitive easing ;) The financial sector/crisis is why we started prepping. A few of our friends and family started prepping for the very same reason. The euro has no hope and The central bankers have bit off more than they chew.... The recent "bail in" policies implemented from flaherty's budget was nail in the coffin for me. Proof we are no different than Europe, I suspect Europe is just 18-24 months ahead of us. how so? I see the interwoven apsects of globalization being the catalyst aiding the global economic collapse. In a nut shelf we have 2 sinking titanics with so many life lines tied to each other it is inevitable that they'll be each other down. Is this planned by the world bank or the elites? When do you folks think the US will lose it's world reserve currency status?
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