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Those who do not learn from history...

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:46 pm
by Ragnarocker
...are doomed to repeat it

Modern preppers, indeed even those in religious circles and in the mainstream, has always thought that modern civilization cannot go on as always. One only has to Google "worlds population" and see grafts indicating the exponential growth of humanity's population. Warning signs are flashing in various ways, such as one sees regarding declining fish stocks and other abuses. Though "survivalism" has been around since the 70's, society is still here and functioning for the most part. So it all comes down to a matter of when. How long can the U.S. go on printing it's own money out of thin air? That's the question in today's climate. The U.S. dollar is based on nothing and that government, along with ALL western governments and their attending state and provincial level of governance have sunk into deep debt. All it would take is a severe enough shock to the system to tumble this house of cards. It could be a pole shift, the Hopi indians "gourd of ashes", the Yellowstone super volcano coming back to life, etc. Or it could just be plain old human stupidity, and we all know that factor has unlimited potential.

Whether one leans into the Biblical or the more practical doomsday trigger of a collapse, what I'm about to put to you is a practical observation in realizing the advent of the "antichrist". A figure we've not seen yet, yet is extremely possible in practical terms when one considers history.

First off, what happened to France when, after years of warring with Britain and excessive spending by their elite? An economic crash that resulted in starvation of the populace, which in turn started the French revolution. The French Revolution resulted in bringing to power Napoleon, a military strongman who got the job done, and got results. But in the end, was too narrowly focused to support a national government, never mind an empire.

Secondly, we have Germany's Weimar Republic. That grew out of the collapse of the Central Powers, which included Austria and Hungary. These countries financed their side of the First World war with debt. I'd like you to try reading, "When Money Dies", for you to see how that turned out. Sufficed to say, money in those countries were as good as toilet paper. Out of these tribulations Hitler arose.

Now we come to today. If you were to recite Biblical Prophecy, you'll find that the U.S., or any mention of a western power from overseas is not mentioned. Mind you, when the Bible was written back in the Bronze Age, that can be a point of contention. I mean, back then, who knew? None the less, those involved in Armageddon are all Eurasian powers. We could presume that the U.S. will never be present in that scenario. Now just think of it for a second. What is the only nation seemingly preventing those nations with thug like mentalities from marching all over the world? The U.S., though I'm not saying the U.S., is exactly the white hat wearing type either. The fact is, the U.S., is currently serving as the counterbalance to Russia and China et al. Keep that in mind.

What's been happening in the Eurozone? Their governments have been getting into deep debt. And what happened when a proud nation like Greece needed to face mathematical certainty in securing loans? Their people rioted. Let's transpose that situation onto the U.S. state of mind, shall we? Between the people on the left needing food stamps and Welfare to get by, and the TEA Party on the right refusing to let taxes rise, we have a federal government in deep do-do. I see no way out for them, and their politicians are too embedded in their respective party affiliations to think drastically enough to stop the financial hemorrhage. Could be the U.S. just financially collapse. Think Greece, now, think Greece with guns, lots and lots of guns, rifles, semi-automatics, etc. That will be the people of the U.S. rioting. Oh happy-happy-joy-joy :twisted:

So we can dismiss the U.S from the international stage at this juncture. Remember 2008? The sub-prime mortgage fiasco? Think the sick finances of the Eurozone can escape a collapse of the U.S.? The U.S. banking system caught a bad cold the several Euro banks caught pneumonia. This example is to serve how inter-related international banking is. The U.S. goes down taking Europe with them. The U.S., becomes a black hole one way or another, and Europe is left to pick up the pieces.

Enter the "AntiChrist".

Hopefully I'll have a nice little "off the grid" place by then. But on an income of a security guard, I may need a kickstarter campaign to get that far. At least I can afford buying the freeze dried food for now.