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Post by Knuckle » Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:20 pm

I have heard mention of the zeitgeist concept in the past. Seems they are more Socialist in their perspective as that which you point out is the obvious flaws to our democratic society. Seems I never understood the logic behind the comments that Russian's made in our youth that we were "Capitalistic Pigs" :lol: Seems that capitalism indeed walks hand in hand with our democratic society as it appears that everything then has a price tag attached.

I'm sure that we can find flaws in every society as Putin's wealth too is also renowned. But it isn't that democracy is failing us today as much as the present leaders are replacing it's standards with those of a Fascist society. We are losing our ability to disagree with our government. And these regulations being imposed are being fed to us with the reasoning that it is a pill to make us better!


Re: ~ Social Decline ~

Post by Knuckle » Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:10 pm

Plain Jane wrote:The following holds a lot of truth about it in my eyes:

" If we exist in a system that allows us to "save money" and hence be more "economically efficient" by being exploitation, abusive or indifferent, why should we not expect it to occur, especially in a system based on competition where advantage is always sought?

In other words, "corruption" is being reinforced. The solution is to create a social system that doesn't reinforce or reward such behavior at all.
I shortened the above comment to maybe help others to better consider what was being pointed out. This is indeed the core of our decline! We live in a society where the almighty dollar drives our every decision. I presented a graph earlier showing the division of wealth, where it too explains that we work hard so the those 1%-5% of the world's richest benefit most as they hold much of the countries assets hostage. Here is another such video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJoHYr57Ccs

They own the mines and mineral rights, oil and insurance companies. They set the amounts we are to pay and the scale shows just how unjust these amounts must be for them to have amassed such wealth. They get there by controlling those who control us....from the legislators and politicians, all the way down to those who incarcerate individuals who can't pay their bills.

So what are the chances of a billionaire being honestly voted in to control a country known for corruption such as Ukraine? Do you honestly believe he amassed his fortune just selling chocolate? Yet the majority of the population of Ukraine somehow agree to this... at least according to the media. Seems the Prime Minister of that same country just so happens to be a past president of the World Bank ... and now they vote to allow in an ex CIA analyst to their parliament for disbursement of US funding. Meanwhile the gas company who has the drilling rights for Ukraine is led by US Vice-President Joe Biden's son. So I know that this following discussion bears no proof but..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWRdbGTfPEI

So it seems our system is indeed flawed. If it were indeed functioning properly, this imbalance couldn't have occurred. Yet the US is even willing to go to war for such crap as this! This reward for corruption aspect is set by these top 1% persons and their present vast wealth supports it's continued sustainability. It seems that we have to start at the top to therefore fix what is at the bottom...

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