What fruit are you growing

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Re: What fruit are you growing

Post by thecrownsown »

I've got an Apple Tree (4 grafted types of apples on it) and a Peach Tree! The apple tree bared fruit last year..the Peach tree nope..I was told I babied it to much and need to stress it a bit more this season. :)

Looking forward to the upcoming growing season...I've just gotten into gardening and the like and was so happy with last years outcome its got me geared to expand this season!

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Re: What fruit are you growing

Post by Syn »

BC zone 7B I have young trees planted this last year, multiple pears, apples, cherries, asian pears, figs, persimmon and plum . I am hoping my olives survived the winter in the green house in pots to plant out in the coming year, even if they are not fruit. I have blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries and hopefully my strawberries survived the big freeze and a couple of cranberry vines . I am planting a grape and kiwi vineyard this spring from plants I started other years that are still in pots .
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Re: What fruit are you growing

Post by RachelM »

After our nice warm weekend little buds are starting to form on all the trees around, including my cherries so I think I got lucky! Maybe they'll actually get planted this year too!
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Re: What fruit are you growing

Post by althetrainer »

Our backyard is very small. We have a small apple tree that yields small apples (not crap but small) and berries (strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry). I have seen someone in our neighborhood growing melons and blueberry but I never have any luck with those. Technically tomato is a fruit, I have a couple of them every summer.
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Re: What fruit are you growing

Post by farmgal »

I am starting a number of the cane fruits this year from seed, that is a first for me, I have always either bought canes, or traded for canes or been offered babies, or wild craft found babies that could be moved back to my gardens.

It will be very interesting to do this, I have some that I bought for new kinds and I also have some that I processed myself, it would be ideal if you could take the seeds of high quality fruiting canes and put them into storage on rotation.. its a lot easier to have the seeds in a kit then the plant.

Just one more explaining skill in the garden to work on.
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Re: What fruit are you growing

Post by Danux »

So, I recently stumbled onto a website for a nursery north of Montreal, specializing in cold-hardy trees. They have a fine selection of apples & pears, among other things things. I am keen to get a few of the Zone 3 green grape vines they offer, in a year or two. The apples, pears, and plums all come pre-grafted on hardy rootstock, which is handy. Not inexpensive, shipped via Canada Post.

I ordered a few apples, pears, and white currants from them, am keen to try some of the other apple varieties they offer, next year. The Fort Mac Mac & September Ruby sound particularly well suited for "northern" climates.

FYI, if anyone is looking for cold-hardy fruit trees.

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