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Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 7:10 pm
by farmgal
I grow four kinds of them.. they are easy to expand, not quite as easy to control lol

Dig them up.. take the small ones, create a trench, plant them, repeat into a patch or rows and replant them and let them grow all season.. in the fall, harvest most of them and take out the big ones and repeat above for the next year harvest.. Treat them like carrots, damp sand, or can them for winter holding.

Leave at least a few full plants in place for spring digging and harvest as soon as the soil can be worked as they are one of the springs foods available

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 1:38 pm
by thecrownsown
Planted my seeds early in March..and with the warm weather was hoping this weekend was the time to move everything to the garden....but it'll be -1 and -2 in my area of Ontario...

The peas will go out and I may start on some leafy stuff...but the tomatoes, beans, etc. are staying inside for another week or two. Trying to get a head start on that May 24th "official" start date.

Question: If I did for arguments sake plant everything outside next week and the temp dropped to -2 or so again....If i cover everything up am I good? Or will my plants still have long term affects from the freezing? Can I plant and just cover them up or should I just wait and keep them indoors?

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 5:30 pm
by farmgal
Ok, so the answer is two-fold.. one if you can cover them properly, the odds are very good that IF they have been properly hardened off, that they will be just fine.. but if not hardened off enough even covered, they are going to at the very least going to hunker down and pout :)

Given I have seen the forecasts for the next days, they are still talking the possablity of snow..sigh... I have the ability to cover things, but I am keeping everything in this weekend and will plant out next week..

Now having said that, I am not covering anything that was in ground planted, like pea's broad beans and greens, cabbage and so forth.. they can take cold.. I will cover if its going to snow.. (shakes head on that one)

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 6:34 pm
by RachelM
I'm hoping that all I've got outside will be good. This weekend is technically the average last frost date, although I know most people wait until the May 24 weekend as the chance reduces even further. I planted half my area of beans a week ago to tempt fate and they're sprouting up finely. The 14-day forecast seems to agree that we won't get frost, but just a copious amount of rain. Which should be good for my carrots I hope.

I also spur-of-the-moment bought some lumber and built two 5x2 beds and some seed potatoes. I'm gonna keep half for us, and donate half to the local food bank. I've got a bunch of extra seed and some old planters laying around, so I'm going to do the same with leftover veg seeds.

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:03 pm
by Dragonwriter
I have two raised beds and the rest of my plants in planters. zucchini was a battle this year. Out of all that I started, I got two plants. They're going strong out in one of the raised beds now. They were started by soaking the seeds for a few days and then into peat pots, then when they were bigger, they went outside into the square foot bed. Cucumbers, I have three now. I had four, but the 'runt' seems to have died. I have about ten tomato plants od various sorts. Some of those came from seed from Manitoba, others came from (believe it or not) a kit from the dollar store. A rolled up, pre-seeded, moisture mat. Drop it into a planter, keep well watered, and voila! Tomatoes. It really was that simple until I realized they were all crowding each other. They're all doing really well out in the square foot garden too. I also have two bell pepper plants and two Hungarian pepper plants. I think they're about to flower. On a whim one day in town, I saw tomatoes "guaranteed to bear fruit by July 31 or your money back". Not sure what sort they are, but we love tomatoes so it doesn't matter too much to us. They're doing well.
The first and second crop of peas are doing very well in the trough planter, but I think I may have planted them a bit thick. It's time to start the next crop. I started collards and kale the other day, without soaking the seed. In only three or four days they're already green shoots. They'll likely be ready for the square foot beds sometime next week.

Now if only my carrots would do as well...

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:12 pm
by helicopilot
Well, unlike Dragonwriter, my zucchinis are doing best. I've planted them in large pots (2 plants/ pots) inside the greenhouse and I should harvest my first one today or tomorrow.

Tomato and pepper plants are growing but still quite tiny, so are both my slicing and pickling cukes. They were all started from seeds so I'm gauging how long it takes. Of course, this is a poor experiment since I didn't write down the date I started them...

Beds are planted with carrots, parsnips, turnips, radishes, charts, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Some of it seem to be coming along.

Pumpkin plants are doing well.

Corn (about 30 plants) are breaking out of the ground now. The dozen I have planted in the garden that is. The other 18 or so in the old chicken run are not coming out yet.

First batch of peas and pole beans have sprouted nicely. I'll start a second batch either this weekend or next week.

I'm late with all of my planting, life and work got in the way.

The birds are enjoying the strawberries and the haskaps, so I'll have to go get more netting. They're not scared one bit of my scarecrow or my pie tins or foil ribbons... Any suggestion on what next? A plastic owl? More Dollarama netting?

The apple trees are full of fruits, baring diseases, it should be a great crop.

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:22 am
by RachelM
(Almost) Everything is going great in my garden. I harvested and pickled my first crop of beets the other day and planted the remaining seed. My radishes will be ready soon, as will the carrots (Although the carrots are home to many swallow tail butterfly eggs and caterpillars, so I'll be leaving some in the ground even when they're ready). My first tomatoes are turning red now, and my potato plants are bulging at the roots.

I have a patch of bush beans that are getting ready to bear, and I also have a few bean plants that were store-bought that just starting to bear pods (I find it impressive that the bean seeds were planted at the same time the larger plants were transplanted, yet they're less than a week apart now!).

We've already had some salads and chard, and replanted some greens since I had the seed. My seed grown cukes and squashes are growing great and getting ready to flower I think. We have 2 bought-in zucchini plants my mother bought that have absolutely exploded with fruit in the last few days, possible thanks to a mix of rain, sun, and warm, humid weather. I think I want to experiment with picking the zukes since I've already got too much and its only just begun. Some will likely end up at the food bank, too. I planted extra tomatoes with the sole intent of donating the fruits, so anything extra won't go to waste! I have a goal of growing and donating 25 lbs of food this summer.

We've got some broccoli that doesn't seem to be growing, but I think it was too late and too hot for it. I have never had much luck with broccoli, so maybe that will be my project for next year to actually get some good ones! My herbs have gone absolutely wild! My onions are doing pretty well also, and I have some carry overs from last year that are almost ready to have their seed harvested. My surviving corn is doing well, it had a rough start though because the seed either didn't germinate or the birds picked it out (I think option #2, because the second try planted deeper went well). I only had enough seed leftover to do half of my 10x10 patch, so I did the rest sunflowers, and well as putting two or three sunflowers on the top of my squash and cuke hills.

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:50 am
by HopeImReady
Well, so far my backyard vertical garden experiment seems to be going well. For herbs, I have columnar & purple basil, lavender, rosemary, and cilantro (which has now bolted). I planted lettuce earlier in the season but it drowned. There are strawberries but no fruit yet (first year so not sure if I should expect them). I planted eggplant, tomatoes, peas and various peppers. So far, I have only harvested herbs - no actual veggies yet, but some flowers, which I think is a good sign. The tomatoes are still green but getting bigger every day. My previous attempt at a veggie garden against the exterior wall failed due to lack of sun. These are getting more sun since they are in containers and I can set them away from the house. At least this year I haven't had to do much watering ;)

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:57 am
by RachelM
HopeImReady wrote:Well, so far my backyard vertical garden experiment seems to be going well. For herbs, I have columnar & purple basil, lavender, rosemary, and cilantro (which has now bolted).
Mine bolted some time ago, although I was happy to let it since I prefer the coriander seed to fresh cilantro.

Re: Gardens in 2017

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:34 pm
by Clarence
What are the recommendations from the those who have small to medium sized greenhouses made with polyethylene.

What gauge plastic do you recommend and typically the best place to purchase/ Home Depot, Costco...

I have a twenty five foot garage wall that I could build on a three sided greenhouse that would get sun from sunrise to sunset