2018 Garden Experiment

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2018 Garden Experiment

Post by Denob »

Every year I try to do something different just to see how it goes. This past year I grew swiss chard. I've never really eaten a lot of it but thought well I have theseeds so...
Turns out to be my most successful experiment yet. I only grew 3 or 4 plants and WOW did they ever produce a lot of greens. They also lasted almost until we got snow. These plants are cold hearty as heck, providing us with salad greens well past the time when other lettuces are gone to the compost pile.
Swiss chard is definitely going into my regular garden, which will be going into expansion next year!

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Re: 2018 Garden Experiment

Post by Dakota »

Yum yum... Melted butter and a bit of crumbled bacon on Swiss chard!! Not only does chard do well in the garden, it's amazing in the greenhouse after the snow falls-definetly worth planting a box in the greenhouse or covered box in sept for a fall crop.
I even prefer it to spinach.
I wasn't pleased with the 2018 garden in comparison to earlier years! But even a bad garden year is a lesson about vulnerability. It shows you can't put all your eggs in one basket or what other ways we can improve our property-while it's still not a life or death situation. Magic word for my garden this year was thicker "mulch" (straw cover). Keeping the water in and the heat down.
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