Pantry Advice?

Introduce yourself here. Let us know what you do to prepare!
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Re: Pantry Advice?

Post by helicopilot » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:03 pm

Apologies, I’ve lumped both IMPs (Canadian rations) and MREs (US) into the same examples. MREs are less bulky however since they don’t package everything in cardboard boxes. A case of MREs is therefore about 20% smaller than a Canadian case. American cases also come with a “witness” sticker that slowly changes colour based on environmental conditions to better reflect a “best before” situation than merely relying on a date. Rations stored in a climate-controlled warehouse will last significantly longer than the one thrown in the tail of a helicopter as “just in case”.

Anyway, didn’t want to hijack the thread talking about rations.

Back to pantry!

We’ve try to use Costco Grocery online and it’s been very disappointing. I understand they’re probably overwhelmed. There were no warnings that delays would result of the current rush, though many items were marked as unavailable. It’s been a week since we’ve placed the order and the 2-day grocery order has not yet arrived. Ironically however, Mrs HP’s beauty products we’ve ordered from Costco on their regular website at the same time has already arrived...

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Re: Pantry Advice?

Post by farmgal » Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:10 pm

Ok, I took a couple days off, I just needed the break and to focus on getting other things done

I am going to point out that its not what you buy its why you need to buy it. You know what you like to eat.. but you need is

Mirco vit/minerals

So Carbs, everyone covered them well above, flour, pasta, rice, canned good mostly.. and beans and lentil's and pea are in the middle, they are both a carb and protein.. the one that is very under bought still is lentils.. The key on these ones is simple.. a very little goes a long way..

Fat is the one that most people do not stock enough off, in our modern world we are trying to :trim: the fat but in the natural world its not easy to get fat.. eggs, milk and or milk products (but not easy to store) so shelf stable fats.. your choice on what kind of fat you want to store but its important.

Now protein, again we need very small amounts compared to what we normally eat.. so a little can go a long way, but shelf stable is the idea.. many smaller cans over bigger portions is helpful in this regards. and remember your beans can be used in this as well.

Now for the micro.. a good daily multi vit is a handy thing to have.. but sprouting seeds and then eating the micro greens is a cheap easy way to get it done was well, and a little bit of wild forage knowledge of basic things most of the year will get that job done as well.

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