Why So Many Zero's??

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Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by ICRCC »

Jab hit the nail on the head. Among other things this forum is a place where preppers help preppers. We MUST be tolerant of new members and their initial questions. If we treat them with understanding and respect they will stay. It's as simple as that. I hope as a result of this thread we all keep that in mind when posting.

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Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by RabbitTeeth »

Generally, I spend a lot of time reading and absorbing, and I only post if I have a viewpoint that isn't redundant with what someone else has already said.

My feeling is that most people on here generally know what they want to get out of prepping, and what they don't want to (or aren't willing to) do. I started a thread on physical fitness, and apart from a few voices of support (from people who already stay in shape), the majority of responses was lukewarm. A bit discouraging for me, as I'd consider it to be at the very least a top 5 on the list of prepping priorities.

I have to admit though, that the lack of posts makes it a vicious cycle. When I don't see anything new on here, I tend to log in less frequently, and therefore contribute less, etc etc.

Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by ICRCC »

Good points RabbitTeeth.
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Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by FNQ'er-1 »

I am relatively a new-ish to these forums and i use the word forums for a purpose. This one and one other are the only two that show tolerance to newcomers that I have come accross so far. Some are outright hostile to the fact that you dare to intrude on there personal domain.

So I suggest that maybe some people should have a look around before attacking forums such as this.
I have become an active and hopefully, a useful contributor on here and will continue to do so when i have something appropriate or relevant to say.
I also read many of the posts on subjects that I know little about and this kindles the urge to find out more.
The only downside I have encountered is the odd troll - they are soon shown up as the vermin that they are and that's - that, back to business.

Like ranger2012, I welcome other forum members to point out any errors that I may make - I am not perfect - I also make mistakes - Just don't recall when. :D
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Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by LittleBrownJug »

Speaking of trolling, I hear your not allowed to make an example. Why is it so. Making an example of attacks is not trolling. Neither is making a point. I just find it funny that its always the same people doing the blackouts on a name and attacking. So your going to get attacked! Want to play fair then respect everyone as equals and dont refer to them as zeros, which is the way I understood your title. If you ever said that to my face, that would be the last thing you would be saying for a long time! Having said that I am happy to see that the thread was resolved. ZEROS!
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Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by Fishin_E »

Lukewarm is a great description of how newcomers are treated in many forums no matter their subject. Experienced members have a natural tendency to reply to other people that are experienced, and sometimes consider not worth their effort to reply to somebody new.

Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by WildernessReturn »

Zero's refer to the number of posts beside the names / nicknames / log in names
Zero never did refer to the actual people, never referred to the log in names, if it did then the Excellent Mods or other people whom have been here for a couple of years would have flagged the message and it would have been deleted or re-written.

This post is in regards to an adversarial person who insists on being adversarial, who is now the first person to go on my foes list.

I encourage others to do the same, it is actually kinda cool, this feature, shows that the adversarial individual with troll like posts now has all their posts hidden from your view. There now only appears a very small line that says, INDIVIDUALS NAME who is currently on your ignore list. Display this post.

So, when they start attacking someone too much, or now myself again others will probably make reference to their Troll like posts and you may then choose to stoop to Displaying their Toll like posts.

GC, on a positive note; since this Topic has become more popular there has been an increase in in other Topics and Threads by new members whom are now stepping out of the shadows and posting. I believe your Query has proven to be positive and constructive to this online community.
Congrats, keep up the good work.

Fishin_E people have been responding to your posts, some posts get great responses and others seem to only get a few. Just seems to be the way it is.
Cheers to all especially the new people !

Names with 0 posts,
you can go and see that there are a lot of them, who registered and then never logged back in, some are over a year ago. Those names that are a year or more old with no posts should be removed. Some in this Topic have stated they were watching from the shadows and did not post from 3-6 months, so lets remove names that are year old with no posts.
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Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by ranger2012 »

I totally agree with WildE. Time to wash off the dead skin. its not like they're paying members or anything, it time to get a true reading of our strenght of membership. It's better to have a few solid members, than a bunch of old studs. :twisted: :mrgreen:
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Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by JustABear »

ranger2012 wrote:I totally agree with WildE. Time to wash off the dead skin. its not like they're paying members or anything, it time to get a true reading of our strenght of membership. It's better to have a few solid members, than a bunch of old studs. :twisted: :mrgreen:
I completely agree. I personally don't see the point of keeping names that have had no interaction for a year.
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Re: Why So Many Zero's??

Post by Denob »

I also saw the "zero" thing the way you did...a reference to number of posts and not a reference to the character of the member.
As for the zero posters, well, I am currently considering one of them to be a member of my group.
I also encourage potential preppers-to-be that I am able to get interested to join up and read for a while.
I have also noticed the percentage of new members who post within a small time span go up...an unexpected advantage of moderating new members!
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