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Re: My kingdom :)

Post by MrHappyNZ »

Thats awesome HeinB, we tried gardening for the first time this/last year - went far better tha expected although most went to feed the chickens and bunnies. :)

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Re: My kingdom :)

Post by HeinB »

That's awesome man, I've inspired a couple of my mates into growing some vegges as well this season, I think both of them are hooked now. A wise man once said that if everybody had a vegetable patch nobody would need anti-depressants, that's pretty much how I feel about mine.

I'm currently harvesting about 2kg of tomatoes per week, of which the majority is going into relish that I preserve for the winter months. (I never buy tomatoes at any point in the year) - I've actually got a batch of relish on the stove as I'm typing this.

Got about 1kg of beans every 2 days for about a month around christmas, pumpkins and gem squashes are still growing, I usually leave them until the plant dies off, then the pumpkins and gems last about 6 months lying around in the cupboard. Also finally managed to grow some nice hot chillis this year, 3rd year of trying different varieties and finally have one that grows well, lots of fruit and a nice level of hotness.

Chickens are giving me 3 eggs a day and eating all the wandering-jew I can feed them - glorious when a weed turns into a asset!

Life is good :)
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Re: My kingdom :)

Post by sixin »

Love the food stored in Coke bottles, hehe watched that suggestion on a doco out of the UK afew years ago, good to see it being used.
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