5 Ways to Use Coca Cola in the Apocalypse

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5 Ways to Use Coca Cola in the Apocalypse

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Hopefully you know that drinking coke is the basic way of using that product, so I wont go into to much detail about that. What you may not know is that some Police officers keep a 2 liter of Coke in their trunk for major car crashes because it is great at cleaning up blood. Other than being delicious and a great way to clean up a highway fatalities, here are 5 ways to use this versatile beverage.

1. Pot Cleaner

The bottom of household pots sometimes become blackened. If you pour Coke into your pots and let it sit and then wash the pot as normal with fixation on the blackened areas and the Coke will likely remove the stains.

2. Rust Remover

Soak rusted metals in Coke overnight and then scrub in the morning. The rust will weaken and come off more easily. Because Coca Cola is so helpful in dissolving rust, it can help to loosen bolts that have rusted and once were close to impossible to remove.

3. Clothing Stain Remover

Pour Coke right on top of a stain and let it soak. Of course the stain will slightly discolor due to the color of the soda, but after you throw your clothes into your washing machine, the shirt will come out clean. It’s not Oxyclean, but in the apocalypse you can’t be choosy.

4. Improve Your Compost

When Coca Cola has lost it’s carbonation, it can be added to your compost bin to help out the micro-organisms break down the compost into an effective fertilizer for your lawn and garden. Just add one can (flat) per week.

5. First Aid

If you are feeling ill, take a sip of Coke. Coca Cola helps balance the pH levels in your stomach and will temporarily relieve heartburn and indigestion. Dab affected area with the beverage to relieve bee stings and mosquito bites. It even works for jellyfish stings.

Coke also goes great with rum… Maybe a wedge of lime.

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Re: 5 Ways to Use Coca Cola in the Apocalypse

Post by Syn »

Slowly kill off your rivals with corn fructos syrup .
Okay I am kidding, sort of, the whole topic made me laugh . Coke is not getting a blessed cent of my consumer dollars .
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Re: 5 Ways to Use Coca Cola in the Apocalypse

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Coke has a tiny bit of phosphoric acid. So tiny it's a good fertilizer.
CLR or Lime-away has LOTS of acid and works 100 times better for pot cleaning and rusty metal.
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Re: 5 Ways to Use Coca Cola in the Apocalypse

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Hmm #1 should be mixed with your favourite alcohol! I prefer Rye :p
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