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MrHappyNZ wrote:Cheers for the replies all.

Is coming into autumn here and been dry as (not as bad as our Australian neighbours mind you).

Was disturbed by a recent news article on our countries preparedness, apparently only 30% of households in New Zealand have some form of emergency supplies. This is up 7% since the Christchurch earthquake, we have a quake that levels a city ond only 7 people in a hundred do anything about it.
Makes me mad and sad :(
I can understand how you feel :cry: It's frustrating and you feel like banging your head against a brick wall when you hear the stats!Why won't they listen?

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Re: So ..

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A friend of mine who is a prepper not far from Christchurch ( well from the perspective of a Canadian ) posted this recently on the Alpine fault being suspected capable of a megaquake . Not much different than our own Cascadia fault here off the BC coast : ... d=10876550

Honestly , while we are all 'busy' with projects , to me it does seem like an overload, being on my own I often feel there is no way I can even come close to competently prepping for what I feel are foreseeable events. I pop onto this side of the forum because I sometimes check trade me property and think New Zealand would be a far better long term location but it is not exactly that simple to get citizenship , unless you are a destitute refugee maybe ? ; ) Well Canada is not the worst place a person could find themselves , but I think we are few notches ahead economically and few notches behind in viability if SHTF on global scale .
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Re: So ..

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There is still very much the mentality of "That wont happen to me" in New Zealand, even when it came to the Christchurch earthquakes, people will surprised but still running around with the mentality of "it's only a little shock, nothing to worry about" I remember listening to a report being given by an reporter who interviewed several christchurch residents about preparing, and all of them except 1 were still holding onto the same mentality "That wont happen to me"

In some way I think it comes from New Zealander's Number 8 Wire mentality. As far as I'm concerned our Water stores helped us survive the situation in Christchurch when the water mains broke down, so I know firsthand that our waterstores will benefit us better than their attitude of she'll be right.
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