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Re: Food Storage

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check these guys out...just started in NZ. And no i have no affiliation with them...just like the product.


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looks good, I was going to order the sample but the online credit card page not secure, emailed them cause it looks a good product...thanks
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Re: Food Storage

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I got the same/similar item from Cabelas in the US, nicely packaged although we found it to be slightly bland by itself. Great as an added component to mix with other things for increased variety and flavours.

Heres the link to Cabelas, in May last year it cost ~$162US including p&p so might be cheaper: ... basket.jsp

Re: Food Storage

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I've heard that hand warmers act perfectly as O2 absorbers. No experience myself but if you do a google search I am sure you will get more information.
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Re: Food Storage

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I have heard of the Bags being sold by an Auckland company, as they have other applications, but I can't for the life of me remember the company. I will see if I can find out.
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Re: Food Storage

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I know you guys are probably looking for someplace closer to you to purchase Mylar bags and oxygene absorbers but I use the following company to purchase mine and I've been extremely happy with their prices and service. Just an FYI I am in no way affiliated with this company, just a happy customer. A thought also.. If enough of you got together and made a large purchase, you might come out better on the shipping costs.

Good luck and have a great day.
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Re: Food Storage

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I Find when food prepping stick to the basics, keep it simple. I myself just stock white rice, Oats, And dried fruit. I am fortunate that i am a butcher so i take all my food preps to work and vacuum pack them into portion meals. this results in 50+ years shelf life, that way i don't really have to worry about rotating my stock. i Stock the occasional cans (mainly baby food for my kids) but cans don't really have that great shelf life compared to dried food. salt, sugar,honey,pasta is also good to prep, pretty much anything that can stay air tight, moisture free and out of sunlight will last a very long time (30+ years ) beware of rats too. i store all my food in 200l containers pick them up off trade me for around 12 bux. that way in a bug out situation you can load the barrels quickly into your vehicle.
Water prep is fairly simple in this country we don't suffer from massive droughts or have worry's of nuclear pollution and because of our landscape and weather patterns were not too far away from natural water on a regular basis. i carry water purification tabs and household bleach just in case but as a prepper start locating water supply's around your area now so you know were to go, have water collection containers and a boiling system that will work for you.

Anyways keep it up guys :)
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