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Post by gracefromspace » Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:37 pm

I think there are some who prep in a "world as we know it" focusing on all the easy work done go out & buy it gadgets and tech, rather than looking at both modern and alternative old school, hard work and labour use your head & start where you are with what you have methods. I was raised in a generation where our parents & grandparents had to do things in a very practical and often labour intensive way, with a very small amount of money, and so I learnt from them.

I freely admit I have "gadgets" but I also have plenty of backup alternatives that don't have all the modern flick a switch conveniences. On a daily basis I try to select at least one specific item or method of doing something without modern tech and substitute it with another. Everyday disposable items we so often take for granted, I might substitute for something else or make my own. Or I think to myself, "how would I do that without ..."? and test my ideas out. It has not only made me more aware, but has heightened my skills and abilities, I really enjoy it :)

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