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Re: Wildfires

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Our biggest concern is what would happen to the livestock. Sadly the reality is we would open the gates to the crown land, the road, etc, with a tag on their leg, and hope for the best. They can forage just fine, and there’s plenty of water out there. Avoiding cougars and bears is better odds for them than burning in place.

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Re: Wildfires

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I saw this play out on a family property on the bloodvein river. Smoke got so bad it was a threat before the fire even got close, evacuation was ordered. The fire fighters lit back burns, they helped slow it down. To save the buildings they set up five pumps running continuously and once a day they would fly in and fuel them. The pumps kept the roofs and grounds wet. The place was saved but there is not much forest left around them. A good water supply and a good pump would give you a chance. With the way the weather is going world wide I'm shopping for a pump.
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Re: Wildfires

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cernunnos5 wrote:I hate to say it but it is a next year project for me.

... and put my full mind towards fire mitigation on my property.I still have 'no idea what that idea looks like'. Its daunting. How to face a fast moving blast furnace?...

I'll get back to you on that one
I think DougM hit the nail on the head with his post....First your not likely going to be given the option of staying and fighting a fire.You will be ordered out, removed if necessary.....
Your going to need to automate. How you do that i dont know but a suspect it begins with a engine with a large fuel tank that you can fire up on your way out that can run continous, feeding water to a sprinkler system that keeps your house wet.
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Re: Wildfires

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We have cleared trees around the house with the exception of four that add to the look of the place. Those can be cut quickly if need be. It's alittle bare and my house stands out like the yoke of an egg but it keeps it safer. We do keep our grass around the house cut-not just because it looks better but mostly because it will help with grass fires. I set my horses out onto the road allowance beside our property to keep it down as well. We are able to connect hoses to three different animal hydrants on the property to water down the roofs of buildings and the ground. We are surrounded by forest other wise so-do what ya can.
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Re: Wildfires

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There are two different editions of the fire smart BC manual that can be found online and both have a lot of good information. They both have a point system chart to assess your property risk which is a neat way to check.

https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/publi ... esmart.pdf

https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/farmi ... manual.pdf
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Re: Wildfires

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I am glad others did a better job of saying what was on my mind. Sheep for fire control. This came out today.

https://www.resilience.org/stories/2018 ... d-culture/

In other news, I lifted a shipping container today using bottle jacks. Its my fire proof building. It was on my list of Honey Do, before the apocalypse chores. Here is some of my other chores... https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresear ... p-with-c5/
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