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For those out west or in other fire prone regions, the below may be of help. ... 61021.html

I believe that there are things we can do to help protect our homes both pre and during an event and then there are the things that are beyond our control and we simply need to focus on making the right decisions on when or which direct to flee to. Peppercorn has provided us with many cool ideas and recently suffered a fire and is unfortunaly suffering the effects. lets learn from the events that hit others and work on preventing or lessening the impact to us.

no one wants to leave their home and this can be the attitude, "it will be fine, we can tough it out, to worry about theft, maybe livestock or desire to be around to put things right and not be blocked by authorities".

good things to think about and if not a fire, it likley applies to other events as well. Always good to read this stuff and see what holds true for us. Maybe it isnt a fire we need worry about with pne needles in a roof gutter, but it does impact damage to our roof and water infiltration! Who needs more grief of water infiltration of we are trying to deal with another emergency or do not have the funds to eaily repair.

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