Leaving the Hospital... Epiphany

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Re: Leaving the Hospital... Epiphany

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I managed to learn these lessons the hard way a few times, including waiting 6 days for my appendix to burst , ripping a knee apart and getting trampled by a horse . You need other people , not lazy , nor fair weather types, genuine good neighbours, friends and family and you need to step up and do them good turns before you need them to learn who appreciates it.
Having a deep divot taken out of my leg I was surprised to be debriding , cleaning and bandaging for more than 4 months while the flesh grew back in and I will be looking to buy a LOT of telfa type non stick wound pads . I am thinking bulk veterinary supply amounts. You know who I would most trust if things went really sideways , a good veterinarian . But in this day and age we DO have medical facilities so not abusing them , working on our health may be ways to ensure we have this system in place when we need it . Making the communities we have work better may be a preventative measure ?

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Re: Leaving the Hospital... Epiphany

Post by helicopilot »

So, another epiphany... This time Mrs HP went under the knife, a planned abdominal reconstructive surgery.

Made me realized that the usual prepper porn (any JWR groupies here?) of carrying out field surgery on the kitchen table is really unrealistic. Surgery aside (leave that to pros, that why they make big $!), the post op recovery alone puts a huge strain on resources, human or supply wise.

For example, my entire days have been consumed getting Mrs up/down from chair/bed/toilet, changing dressings, emptying drains, monitoring said drains and administering medication. And I have a bit of training and experience doing this. Owing that she's fully depending on me (4 days now, and for the next 2-3 days), the best I can do outside if run to the coop, get the eggs or maybe get 1/2 row of raspberries picked up.

The JWR-mandated "OP/LP" manning and clearance patrols around the fortified home would have to wait...

Again, I'm raiding my stash of dressings and medical supplies to cover this surgery. I'm realizing that bulk orders from Amazon were convenient and cheap, since the local pharmacies/home medical supplies are expensive as sin and have limited options.

Morale of the story: don't fantasize on the SHTF situation where you'll be Jack-of-all-trade surgeon-wannabe AND keep an abundant stash of medical supplies; especially if you come across a good deal.
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Re: Leaving the Hospital... Epiphany

Post by farmgal »

Having gone for six weeks to look at my mom after a hip replacement and a knee replacement and having helped deal with a major wound with a dear friend, it safe to say that the amount of medical supplies needed are far beyond what we ever think they will be. And I agree.. the first week after the surgeries, I was on 24 hour duty and just keeping the house-meals and care going on little to no real sleep got the point across loud and clear.

On the other hand, thank you so much for getting your wife out of the hospital as soon as possible and back home where you can be the prime nurse, I love what our modern medical can do, but I dislike how many secondary infections can come from the same place.. I hope your wife makes a full recovery.

Re: Leaving the Hospital... Epiphany

Post by Clarence »

Late post here, but hope all has settled. Yes, we do need a ton of medical supplies, food etc. Good friends or family to help with recovery. If stuff did happen when primary guy or gal is down, everyone else will need to fill his or her boots. One item that may be forgotten is adult diapers? If people are busy and your not mobile. These can help everyone with their sanity and sanitation. Don’t forget lots of bleach, white vinegar etc for cleaning of floors, items etc
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