Really cheap nutrient full food for long term storage

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Really cheap nutrient full food for long term storage

Post by docscience » Sat May 14, 2016 2:19 pm

Really cheap nutrient full food for long term storage for anyone who cant afford a lot of food storage.
This may have been mentioned somewhere, but I just found out about it.
I found that some farmers grow milling quality wheat good for human consumption.
I can buy it, and so can you, directly from the farmer.
I buy it in whole grain form, already hulled, as wheat is pretty well hulled as it comes off the combine.
I have to visit them before they take it to the flour mill.
I have picked up a few dozen free, food grade buckets with good fitting lids, from restaurants who discard them.
For the going rate of about $120.00 I get a half ton of whole wheat kernels, directly at the farm.
That's less than 15 cents a lb. of exceptional quality grain.
A ton or metric ton of grain, is about 2000 lbs.
I fill all my 3 dozen buckets, and still do not know what to do with the last 1/4 ton of wheat.
If your lucky , get some other people to go in and help, or see if you can get a quarter ton instead.
It took quite some searching before I found a farmer in my area who grows milling quality wheat.
I now need a good quality grain grinder, to make both flour and wheat cereal to cook like oatmeal.
I tried it, and it tastes just like oatmeal cooked up in water, and something like wheat-let cereal.
For me it is very except-able taste wise, and calorie dense, and will store very well in whole grain form.
You can also get other grain types. directly from farmers, for really good prices.
IF you do not have much storage, surly you know someone or two, who has
a basement to put several buckets for you. The payment is to give him one bucket full of grain.

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Re: Really cheap nutrient full food for long term storage

Post by Zana » Tue May 17, 2016 9:15 pm

Wheat is nice if you soak it in water overnight. You can eat it hot or cold with honey drizzled on it or plain. You could soak it in broth instead for a different flavour. We pour off the water and eat it plain as a snack. These days a lot of people worry about gluten, but a lot of it is bunk to sell books unless you are diagnosed with celiac disease. A friend of mine was told she was and advoided it for 30 years and is now told she doesn't have it. So, who knows?
You can find hand grinders on-line and second hand. Just check before you buy to make sure you can buy replacement parts.

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