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Ask a leader hunting & gathering questions here

Post by Denob » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:49 pm

Feel free to ask hunting & gathering related questions here.
One of our volunteer topic leaders will be happy to answer you.

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Re: Ask a leader hunting & gathering questions here

Post by villager » Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:36 am

Hey, thanks for doing this Denob...very timely.

I haven't hunted since i was a teenager , but i intend to re-equip myself as soon as i can afford it again.
So, i'd like to know the quickest order/procedure these days for acquiring a license and "tools" adequate for bear/deer.

However, my immediate query has to do with a planned walkabout on our potential community site soon. (It's several hundred acres in zone 47.)
If it's hunting season all around, and on the property, do we need special permission or some official pass to be there, even if we have the owner's/agent's permission?
We would not be carrying, but then i thought about having someone along who is licensed, cuz there are apparently lots of bear (who may be spooked in our direction by others hunting in the area.) What is the protocol in this situation, and what are some implications that i may not know? or otherwise.

Or is it just crazy to try this during hunting season of any kind? (There will likely be a couple of less experienced folks present too.)
Appreciate any input on this .

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Re: Ask a leader hunting & gathering questions here

Post by 410001661 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:54 pm

To get your hunting license there are several weekend courses where you can get your hunting license and PAL. It is pretty easy and painless but I would recommend if your getting your PAL that you also do your restricted PAL while your at it.

As far as doing a walk about during hunting season WMU is shotgun/bow only (if I am not mistaken). I would wear blaze orange if walking around in the woods this time of the year. For the November controlled hunt there were 6 people shot in Ontario alone for a 1 week hunt!!!! Just not worth it. I would not carry unless you have a license - that will be a tough to explain to a CO (conservation officer) that you were not hunting. If you were caught with no blaze orange carrying a gun you can be in for a world of pain if you get the wrong CO

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Re: Ask a leader hunting & gathering questions here

Post by runswithscissors » Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:12 pm

During hunting season, one can come and go on public or private land (with permission) as they please unless it's posted otherwise.

As 410001661 pointed out, it's highly recommended that those walking around during hunting season in hunting areas wear blaze orange. In fact, there is a minimum amount that is required to be worn in Ontario by firearms hunters. Bow and crossbow hunters are not required.
Usually, the minimum requirement can be met by wearing a sleeveless orange vest, commonly sold and usually available at Canadian Tire even. BUT. I would wear more then the minimum. Say the vest or a sleeved jacket plus a hat. Hell, if you can find coveralls then wear those if you can pony up the expense.

I would highly recommend this for visibility. I myself tend to wear at a minimum the vest and a hat when I'm moving to and from treestands. I've also still found myself staring down the barrels of guns on occasion because the hunter 'heard something'. There's the risk, and one that responsible hunters take very seriously, that someone can possibly shoot at something they 'heard' over in that bush. If you have a seriously bad feeling and your on your own land or land you have permission to be or whistle while you walk. Hard to be mistaken for game when your speaking. Hunters that care about safety won't be too put out by it. The game in the area freezes and waits out that sort of thing (as anyone that has driven deer before probably has literally have to boot some deer in the arse to move them). At the least, they'll come back later. No hardship.

Most of the problems I've ever encountered on private land has been people that intrude on it. They'll either wander in from some other piece, or just show up and claim when challenged that they have owner's permission. I've also had problems on public land with people that somehow passed the Hunter's Safety course (and it isn't really that hard, to be honest) and would do very unsafe things. Sufficed to say, I no longer hunt public lands.

Something to consider when going for the hunting license is you must sit through a day of firearm safety - whether you are hunting with one or not. These hours spent are pretty much the exact same course for the PAL. Might as well work on getting the PAL at the same time, as you'll be doing it anyway. Ontario has these offered as All-in-One courses lasting a weekend. When I took my hunter course it was mandatory to sit through the firearms safety...despite I had taken the exact same course a year before when I went for my PAL. My weekend course also had the restricted portion on the second morning, so you could do it all in two full days.

As far as having the land owners permission to be allowed on that land, I would highly recommend getting it and getting it in writing. I've been challenged by CO's on not only my in-laws land, but a friends land as well (we are in an area that see's a lot of 'interlopers' from Hamilton and sometimes even Toronto - they pull over on the side of the road as we are very rural and they 'wander' around). Having a signed statement from the owner (as well as the documentation needed when you hunt - license, up to date stickers and tags for example) will indeed save you a ton of time and hassle if your stopped and asked. In my experience, CO's will escort you to the owners home and question permission in some circumstances. With a signed written statement, they tend to just radio it in and have someone at the office verify for you. They do for me anyway.
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Re: Ask a leader hunting & gathering questions here

Post by carbon04 » Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:40 am

RWS....I really take issue with this. "Come and go as you please, unless posted otherwise"....The last fool who came on my property with a loaded, ready to go crossbow, got a loaded, ready to go .303 pointed at his head. Why should I have to spend money posting that my land, that I worked hard to pay for, that I spend hours a week cleaning up and tending is not for anyone to come and go as they please, firing arrows at 300 fps in the direction where my kids play? How about I just walk in your house, help my self to a sandwich from your fridge and sit down watching your TV then just start firing my Glock through your ceiling regardless of whether you, your wife or kids are sleeping upstairs? Your view is wrong, plain and simple. Worst thing about it is, it sounds like your close by me.
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Re: Ask a leader hunting & gathering questions here

Post by runswithscissors » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:49 pm

Carbon04 - you really take issue with what now? I fully agree with you that people shouldn't come onto your land unless they have permission. Why should you have to post? Because frankly there's always some jackass out there that will trespass and claim they have permission to do so. Posting is your legal step to take in order to have authorities do something about persistant trespassers.

I'm not sure where you think I'm wrong. One can use public land for hunting as they please during season. One can use private land with permission (and I stated that). And the reality of life today is people will trespass on private land.
And good luck with pointed a loaded firearm at anyone these days. When they rat you out for it, you CAN expect an police raid on your residence and your firearms confiscated.
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Re: Ask a leader hunting & gathering questions here

Post by Perfesser » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:14 am

You aren't wrong.
But the reality of my life today is that people who pay land taxes, pay to repair fences, clean up after trespassers and pay to repair vandalism damages have a tendency to have had it up to HERE with those that pay for nothing yet think they can go anywhere without consequence.
I'm tired of having to patrol every opening day of trout season to remind those who "didn't see the signs".

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