All things livestock related 2020

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All things livestock related 2020

Post by farmgal » Thu Mar 19, 2020 10:46 am

Morning Folks,

I am not breaking this down into sections, it will be easier to work as a single thread but feel free to split it off if you want at some point..

So we all hope that when something like this happens that all our prep work will come into strong focus.. I have been at the farm for 16 years this spring and for 15 years I have had my rabbit breeding program.. 15 years.. my other white meat.. but last year was rough, between injury (8 months of physio) the very unexpected high risk pregnancy and then the 2nd term loss, I slowed the farm down, I mean I leaned it like never before..

I went into winter with the smallest I could (part due to hay as well, it was brutal hard to get this in 2019) so I cut my sheep flock down to 7 ewe's, I even butchered out the ram to not carry him over winter, but my new ram arrives first part of April and there are ram lambs that were born so I am fine there) my team of horse's, my chicken flock and my over wintered duck breeding program..

That's it, I butchered the pig, the geese, the turkeys, the rabbits and the goats..

Like I said.. lean!

The fact that I am coming into C-19 with this very lean farm has me laughing at myself.. I mean really the farm is fine.. we have the sheep flock (meat, wool, milk) we have the chicken flock (eggs, meat and bug eaters and compost turners) and we have the meat ducks(amazing meat, feathers (for composting for the garden use) eggs and fly eating.

I put out a call for a heavier breed rooster and a friend answered so that will happen.. my current roosters are great boys but are for breeding in egg laying and forage.. I want a bigger boy to cross to my dual purpose hens and hatch out heavier grow outs for meat production.

I am on a list for a piglet but the sow didn't take.. she went with a new boar so fingers crossed, I want to buy from that close by farm if possible for sure.

I have a different friend that is close by and has a full rabbit breeding program, I can get ready to breed or active breeding trio from her if I want to do so.. we will see..

So how is your homestead looking? Got to many of something? wondering where the market will be? Just right? Or are you wishing you had more of something? Want to add something in?

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