Garden like it counts 2021

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Garden like it counts 2021

Post by farmgal »

Time to start a new thread for the gardens and Gardeners of 2021..

Here is hoping everyone already has their seeds for 2021?

What is the new plant you are trying?

Is there something you are hoping to do in 2021 for the gardens?

Anything garden related welcome on this thread!
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Re: Garden like it counts 2021

Post by helicopilot »

It will be old faithfuls growing this year. I need to get new seed potatoes this spring as my potatoes had really bad case of scabs this year. Maybe more beans than I’ve done in the past couple of years.

I have the bulk of my seeds already and joined a couple of seed-swap groups and did some trades already. That said, a lot of the swaps are for more “boutique” plants and I think that for this upcoming year, I’d rather go for proven rather than unique.
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Re: Garden like it counts 2021

Post by Learner »

Have most of the seeds needed for this years gardens and will be ordering seed potatoes. Not too much changing of what will be grown around here, but seem to always add a few things when going through the stores and greenhouses if the plants look interesting.
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