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TGIF ~ Disarming Technology ~

Post by Knuckle »

I figured that it was time to mention those items that most of us can do without. I'm talking of technologies that are meant to track us and maybe even eventually betray you someday. Seems many items today fall into this category as they are often designed to have another use other that that which wanted when purchasing it. You still want "said item", just not Big Brothers ability to spy on even your daily life at home.

Thus I figured a thread dedicated to such a topic was due here for Prepper's to learn from. Once again I'll start the show rolling and see if other's will play along too.

OnStar Tracking: ... 05549.html

We've all heard mention of this possible ability and many GM owners likely are not pleased with the possibility of them using your car as their tool. You know when it's official though as articles are written about it and no denials are presented as challenge against such articles. They hope that the story blows over and life goes on and you just accept this intrusion as normal procedure.

Reasons to keep:

1. On-Star can unlock your vehicle if you lose your keys or lock them inside
2. On-Star can locate your vehicle if it is stolen by a dumb thief who never took the time to learn how to disable the units from You Tube.

Reasons to disable:

1. On-Star is a GPS tracking system in the controls of other persons than yourself
2. Like your cell phone, your GPS location is constantly being recorded and data recovery can be subpoenaed to be used against you in a court of law(past court actions have already proven this true) . The chance of you acquiring this same info to otherwise prove your innocence is likely beyond your powers.
3. On-Star has the proven ability to disable your vehicle at any time without your consent.
4. On-Star's built is cell service also has the potential to be used as a permanent bugging device to record all phone conversations and even transmit normal conversation within the vehicles confines

Disabling OnStar: (decent video on how to do a simple car disable) (this is more complex but shows the wiring connections to sort thru disarming separate features only)

Now there are many varying opinions of how to do this disconnection on the web and the above video was the simplest and easiest for the majority to understand. Before doing your own vehicle, cruise the web searching for others who accomplished this task successfully. See if your vehicle requires special considerations first. Legally, the vehicle is yours, but if you still owe money on it, a court of law may determine different. Just another thought to maybe first consider too.
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Re: Disarming Technology

Post by Knuckle »

How About the X-Box Threat

a simple fix for those afraid of the X-Box potential of listening or recording you
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Re: Disarming Technology

Post by scrounger »

Our insurance company has offered us a rate discount if we install one of their [my words here] Black Boxes in our vehicles. :lol: Um no thanks.
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Re: Disarming Technology

Post by Knuckle »

Improving Cell Phone security

This is a far larger problem to overcome as we want this technology but not it's flaws. There is much controversy over even your privacy rights here as our government claims they need to know all that goes on thru daily communications to protect you better...ya, Okay! :roll:

The Canadian government has just announced a shameful plan to use bullied kids as an excuse to ram through an unpopular online spying plan. We forced the government to withdraw Bill C-30 over spying and now they've just reintroduced many of these online spying measures in their new Bill C-13.
If you want to protest this, go here

These attempts at making legal that which your government is already doing covertly, show reason to learn your rights and protect your data in this fast advancing technology age. Many proclaim they are prepared and yet we all know that little effort has been put forth because things are changing too quickly to even keep up. And therefore I think many opportunists will take advantage of us slowpokes due to this lack of the latest knowledge. And for those skeptics who want further proof they indeed are out to get you, check out just how officials might "accidentally" grab your private data while grabbing an intended suspects data many blocks away ... 8/Y/M.html

And then there are the basic arguments over which phones Operating System's is better than the others. Logic alone dictates that Android is likely the best choice as "Open Source" coding means that there is no hidden code to find out later you were being betrayed by the designer themselves. Due to this aspect, your Android phone is safer in many ways than even your Windows or Macintosh home computer. Yet some things are not smart to do on a cell as yet such as online banking. This is mostly due to the lack of fail-safes in the creators of the Android software versus that of Windows software and who might intercept this information along the way.

Here is some tips on how to secure it and your personal data.... ... Android%29

Now I know that your likely not going to read it through, but it again mentions to see which apps you presently run are leaking your personal data to 3rd parties. My other thread on Cell Phone software viewtopic.php?f=73&t=5440 suggest things you should have, but Clueful (free app)will advise you best as it reminds you of what privileges each app has and you can then decide if that app is really worth the risks it offers.

Overall, the cell phone can't be trusted unless until you totally disconnect it's power source as the service provider is capable of implementing specific software to make the phone work as a one way receiver to listen in on your conversations even when turned off. Of course, this would only be performed by request of your own government (supposedly). It is due to this ability of every person carrying cell phones has the potential to leak company trade secrets that is making signal jammers a viable purchase these days for large and even small business. Yet many still proclaim that this technology doesn't exist even though such measures are becoming the standard tactic.

Seems there is much to considered on this subject, and so I will likely have more again regarding it later.
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Re: Disarming Technology

Post by Knuckle »

scrounger wrote:Our insurance company has offered us a rate discount if we install one of their [my words here] Black Boxes in our vehicles. :lol: Um no thanks.
A wise choice!
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Re: Disarming Technology

Post by kootenay kid »

Glad we do not have On Star, an X Box, and we have no cell service here! Maybe we are in the "Dark Age", but that's quite ok with me.
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Re: Disarming Technology

Post by Maple Leaf Pilgrim »

The only thing that surprises me is how long it took to see this here.

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Re: Disarming Technology

Post by Knuckle »

Yes, I've often thought of how to include such things in a post and thus sidelined the topic until now. I research such subjects in attempt to try and replace the gossip instead with reality, but even after showing them actual proof, many still will conclude much of this is just gossip as this approach allows for a better sleep it seems.

As you might have noted by now, it's obvious I like technology or I wouldn't be writing so much about it. Yet I am old enough to remember how we got along without it if need be. Since most of us require a vehicle to perform even daily routines, we must accept some of these bad technologies included in such purchases. Bad people use such needs against us to incorporate bad things into essential items and then even manage to make us pay for this option too. But there are still some creative individuals who are willing to share their "expertise" to prevent the system from attaining full control over all such aspects of your daily life.

Many who chose the "Blue pill" freely accept this self imposed slavery as they surrender unforeseen freedoms to obtain that new shiny gadget. It seems these people must first experience what they no longer have to realize they miss such simple things as freedom of speech. How simple it is for such as OnStar to turn on their system and listen in on conversation inside your car, but they promise never to do it. They said the same thing about the WaterGate tapes back when. How many people will actually take the time to undo their OnStar to protect their privacy today? This answer is also why they resubmit Bill C-13 after Bill C-30 was refused for the final time. Eventually everyone will quit arguing and the dirty deed is done! Now get them to remove the bill....this is how the lobbyists work these days. They are not working for you but instead for the big corporations who pay them well to cheat you!

If you are to survive these traps set before you, you must understand the implications and react so they can't collect data which can be used against you at a later date. Imagine that with the present GPS tracking abilities, everyone who say partakes in an illegal protest can be later convicted by their own cellphone proving their location during such and event, even though it was a peaceful protest. How about your kid mentioning privately to you that they attended such a protest and they intentionally left their cell at home(while sitting in your car with OnStar listening)? Are you waking up to the potential of this threat yet? You can always go swallow another blue pill instead or finally do some real thinking about how to reduce the risks to you and yours!
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Re: Disarming Technology

Post by JackDee »

When big bertha eavesdropping maybe they want to create a prison without walls. Where they can monitor everything and preemptiving on anything such as negative words from spreading but somehow still often unable to prevent real terrorist attack from happening. You know I just don't get it when you got someone in your radar and suddenly those blacklisted people pops up creating chaos.

Re: Disarming Technology

Post by Knuckle »

Seems that we can buy more technology to check to see if your present technology is working for you or against you. Sounds dumb but possible.

RF Signal Detector: ... 3a9f6d24e3
To test this theory, I bought one of these and will let you know how it works when I receive it. As you can see, they list many possible uses. Going on the precept that you get what you pay for, I'm not expecting much as I'm not paying very much for this specific item. I am curious though if such a simple tool is possible of identifying threats by being in even a few feet of the transmitting device. If so, a cheap investment such as this could ease tensions in given scenarios without having to point fingers at one another all day long.

Now they do have better quality units that likely do this job properly, but then they seem to have a pricetag that most of us would then opt out of paying for then too such as this unit ... 25829f359e

Cell Phone Signal Blocker Case:
Here's another idea that seems dumb and smart all in one. A cell phone case that won't let you receive a call. For those on the run from the law or just extremely paranoid, this is the purchase for you ... 51ca0a23ba
I guess it's better than throwing your cell into a drink tumbler every time you figure Big Brother is looking for yur a$$ but it seems that maybe your love /hate relationship with cell technology should end about this time too. :lol:

Anyways, these are just more ideas how to maybe own that which owns you!
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