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Re: solar panel array

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Grouchyprepper wrote: Sat May 15, 2021 1:51 am Been purchasing solar equipment for the bus conversion from plugin camping to solar camping.
Main control panel is almost wired.
Will post pics of main power board soon.

Main list of equipment.

Renogy 2000 watt inverter ....will us a 800 watt one at night ,uses less amps in standby mode.
one battery bank 400 amp hour lithium
one battery bank 200 amp hour lead acid (came with bus) as backup
Renogy 400 watt solar panels.
40 amp Renogy mpt charge controller

main power draws will be

12 volt compressor freezer (20 litter) 24 hours
12 volt compressor fridge (50 litter) 24 hours
coffee maker 650 watts 15 min a day
ice maker 800 watts 30 min a day....this is the big power draw.
water pump,tv,lights very little draw.

ran 12 volt compressor freezer and fridge for power usage test.
100 amp lithium battery will run fridge for 4 solar
freezer run 3 days with no solar on one battery.
may have to cut back on ice for drinks from ice maker and use freezer ice cubes.

I should be good camping July 1st even if there is no sun (if the government lets me into Ontario parks)
Nice, pictures required.

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Re: solar panel array

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2 hour job I thought, turns into 5 and still have not hooked up main cables to batteries :oops:
or wired in AC outlets with resets.
Still have battery box to make and inverters to place near batteries.
Done for the day .
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