Driveway Alarm

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Re: Driveway Alarm

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Nice update and photo.. my boys are now closing in on 60 pounds and are coming in on that teen stage.. its the most challanging for sure.. but they are both working daily in different ways on the farm now.. chores and so on.. Enjoying them..
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Re: Driveway Alarm

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I was visiting a friend last week, in his garage with my dog when someone my dog did not know opened the garage door and stepped inside. This fellow realized his mistake quickly and froze in place, my dog advanced quickly towards him, hair on his back strait up, tail not wagging, and barking with a booming voice. It was interesting to observe. My dog stayed a few feet from him, out of kicking range, but very much let him know not to advance further. Good dogs are worth their weight in dog food. I did not even hear the guy enter the garage, first I knew he was there was when the dog started barking.
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