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Re: Camera Setup

Post by Wayne »

Syn, this must be a detachment policy? Officers are not usually prevented from going to a call like this. When you think about it, in many areas of the Province there are two men to deal with policing in that area (two man detachment). The requirement for both of them being available to go to such a simple thing as an alarm is ridiculous... I'd call the detachment. Don't believe everything you hear...

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Re: Camera Setup

Post by Clarence »

Syn wrote:Where I live in BC I was told law enforcement may not respond to rural calls unless two officers are available for their security . I too am now looking for both interior and exterior cameras and would like to have night vision . Sometimes I would like to randomly check whom got home in the wee hours or if a bear is in the blind spot of my house before I venture out in that direction since there has been one too close for my comfort encounter .
Per Wayne, call the detachment and ask to speak to sergeant.
if your looking for night vision, its actually infrared that you will get in average camera.
Chinese make some awesome units and you can easily get 30,50 feet of half decent light. if you really wish to light the area up, get separate IR lights. tie them into motion sensors so you do not waste energy for nothing. if your camera on the house cant reach out to the garage ( just an example) then add a dedicated IR light to the garage and "bath" the target area to help the camera. make sure the light doesn't shine towards your camera and render it "blind" Note, this is where reviewing images before the installer leaves is crucial to saving money and grief.

many cameras come with vari focal lenses today and its important to not "over reach" what the camera can see. wide angle gives you a lot, but it loses in identification capability. I often encountered clients who want to be frugal and see it "all". So i would set one up, record and show them how little they actually captured in detail.

So budget, planing, a good installer to tweak things and decent light make the difference from identifiable image to "it looks like a man" or bear...
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Re: Camera Setup

Post by helicopilot »


As new tech is coming out, it seems that the systems need higher upload speeds, which our lone rural ISP can’t provide. BUT I think I’ve found a decent solution.

I’ve purchased a Vosker LTE solar camera and after a week, I’m quite pleased with the results ( It’s not the cheapest at $367 delivered. I can get notification to my phone immediately which serves as double trigger if the burglar alarm comes up and I get pictures to ascertain of the situation as I call emergency services. The solar panel has kept the battery at 100% without issues so far. I’ve placed the cam on the top of an outbuilding that gives a view of the entire driveway/parking area; that shed doesn’t have power going to it. The AI recognition is so far pretty good (or I’m just lucky the position/detection range is just fine) as I don’t get false alarms for moving tree branches and neighbours cat and dogs coming into our driveway. Night pics are pretty crisp as well.

Monthly data packages are decently priced as well.

I’ll give an other update later down the road, but after a week, this camera is 2 thumbs up for what I needed.
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