closest inanimate object rule

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closest inanimate object rule

Post by CSG »

Closest Inanimate object rule
I like to bring this topic up for discussion as I have this one with friends and others I know all the time. It is the closest inanimate object rule. What I mean by this is that people will use the closest object that is not fixed to the ground to break into your house or harm you.

Many thieves do not walk around carrying tools for breaking in with them. They want to be light so they can escape as fast as possible. What they do is use your own negligence against you to take your stuff and burglarize your home.

First item would be tools you have or your neighbor has just lying outside. This could be hammers, shovels, rakes, picks or even clippers. They will use them to jimmy your doors, break glass or smash your locks to gain access to your abode.

Second item is your landscaping. Rocks, tree branches, loose patio stones or decorative trellises can be used in the same manner to break windows and doors to gain access.

Last item is patio furniture. Chairs, tables, BBQ, BBQ tools, Planters, umbrellas or anything that you have on your patio if it is not fixed can be used to break into your house.

I recommend that you have a look around your yard to see if you have any tools lying around and clean them up. If you have bad landscaping to fix it with more plants and less items to allow opportunistic burglars to break in. Last regarding patio furniture, use cables to lock furniture, tools and planters. Screw the base of the umbrellas to the ground. All of this will aid you from 95% of the robbers out there.

Would appreciate some feedback from the group on this.


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Re: closest inanimate object rule

Post by helicopilot »

Good words of wisdom CSG. As my mom always said, this will at least keep honest people... honest, like locking your doors in your house or having security lights should help. If an ill-intended person really wants to break in, they will find a way, unless I live in Ft Knox or I have a Rottweiler staring at the would be intruder through the window.
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Re: closest inanimate object rule

Post by Dusty »

Most interesting point of view. Never thought of it that way. Of course, by removing those loose tools you are only getting rid of opportunists and not the motivated persons. But any one person can ruin your day!! Might as well stop as many as possible.
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Re: closest inanimate object rule

Post by thecrownsown »

Most breakins in my least in urban situations dont even need the object of convenience. They create a lot of noise, possible detection by neighbours who live in close proximity and create mess thats visible from the street or adjacent properties. That means someone may call the police if they see damage to the house.

The door to a house is usually latched by a dead bolt or lower quality residential grade lock. A well placed boot and entry is quickly gained with only a moment of indiscreet noise. Most sliding patio doors can be jimmied or jostled to get past the latch. Minor damage, quick entry and close it behind you. No one knows your there without close inspection of the point of entry.... my region... most criminals dont want to clean you out professionally ...they want a quick return on entry. Grab any valuables in plain site and dash. What the regional police recommend: make your home less appealing to that type of criminal as he's the most common type. Make it look like someones home when they are not (lights on timers, etc.), get a better quality door/dead bolt that wont collapse when kicked. put bars on low lying windows and security folding bars on patio doors, get a security system. Interesting stat on security system labels (not a security system itself, just the signage): They increase the chance of your neighbour getting broken into over you by 3x. A low end criminal who wants something of value immediately will look at a security label on your house and figure why take the chance when the next one doesnt have a security system. The odds of getting away discretely are better with the home without security monitoring.

If you get a chance talk to your local police. They have information and trends on criminal activity that is really valuable to keep you safe. They can tell you the worse neighbourhoods, whats on the rise, tips to make your home and family safe, most common types of crime, etc.

To me..its a stats game...the most common crimes you can plan for. Low end, low tech thiefs who need money for drugs, etc. or just troublemakers out for a thrill. Thankfully criminal activity like this is rare where I live...but it still occurs. If a professional criminal is on the prowl..chances are they are going to get in no matter what...but they are looking at high value targets..(not me. lol) A lot of break ins where large theft occurs also happens between criminals. Drugs, money valuables, etc. that are known to be in a home and one just steals from another.

Home invasions, attacks, and large scale theft at random is very rare.

I'll say it to the local police. Maybe we're spoiled here in R.O.W. but I think we have one of the finest police dept's in Canada.

Other things that the OP touched on that I like:
-Thorny plants like raspberries or rose bushes under windows.
-Not leaving materials around the house that can be used for vandalism. (And in bad weather like windstorms they just become flying projectiles)

And this is a great stop gap at the door from that kick to the dead bolt...I didnt believe they worked till I tried one:
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Re: closest inanimate object rule

Post by Antsy »

I'm a bigger fan of the most immediate animated object rule. When someone comes up to the house, they see an animated 65lbs dog staring down at them. If the approach is from the back of the house where all of the garden tools and hoses are, they first have to navigate the Volkswagon sized dog droppings, demolished chew toys, and the open six by twelve dog run. The end result? "The neighbour's house looks easier." ;)
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