Wilderness Survival Course: Central Alberta

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Wilderness Survival Course: Central Alberta

Post by The Canadian Giant » Tue Jun 14, 2016 4:01 pm

Just thought I would give a headsup to the folks here in Alberta about a 1 day Essentials of Survival course that is being offered by Three Ravens Bushcraft.

Copied from the email I just received:

Why Take a 1 Day Survival Course?
This course is intended to boost your confidence during wilderness adventures. This is not about doing without the essentials, this is about building skills and confidence that will be useful throughout your adventure and provide assurance that you know what to bring, and how to use essential equipment that will make your stay in the wilderness more comfortable. Noone plans to endure a survival situation, but these skills are guranteed to make your hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, or camping excursions safer and more enjoyable.

What Will We Learn:
We will be covering clothing, shelter, firecraft, safe knife usage, water strategies, survival situations and your mind, important knots and cordage, and essential items that all travelers in the bush should carry. You will be creating shelters, starting fires, boiling water and learning at a fast pace throughout the day. Our course is built around you, or more specifically your body. If we understand what our body requires, and how to assist our body in maintaining proper levels of hydration, nutrition, and temperature we will live a very long time. Maintaining these requirements in the bush can be difficult, but there are skills, technologies and techniques that will make things easier.

Where does the Course Happen?

The course site is in the Lacombe area. We will be using private land that is open and accessible to the public. There will be a fire area, covered instructional area, access to 2 ponds, and several hundred acres of mixed forest and grassland. As an added bonus we will have access to toilet facilities via a 5-8 minute walk. And if learning survival skills is too stressful, during the lunch break you could saddle your pony (car) and grab at lunch at Subway, McDonalds or Tim Hortons if you wish.

This course appears to be the pre-requisite for their 4-7 day courses.

For more information:


Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft courses in Alberta

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