Concrete work for BC and beyond

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Concrete work for BC and beyond

Post by Screedcrete » Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:02 am

Just throwing this out there as I am a fully experienced Journeyman concrete placer and finisher and top quality is assured.

Residing in Southern BC I am more than willing to lend my services for the projects you may have in mind. If you are fairly local I can provide my services directly for the placing and finishing of ANYTHING concrete for you or your families needs.

We can also do everything from bunker walls to suspended slab floors. We have the ability here "in house" to produce pre-stressed concrete for a variety of needs like underground bunkers and hideaways, fallout shelters or whatever you may need. We can get things rolling for you even providing the engineering particulars if needed and even take care of the trucking to get it to you. We provide our product and services throughout North America so we can have you covered if you need it.

If anyone has any further questions at all feel free to PM me here at IPN.

Whatever tomorrow brings,… I will be there! ;)

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