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jimjonesinbc wrote: Mon Dec 21, 2020 8:25 pm I'm using proper precautions. A real N95 mask stocked up years ago due to work, worn. Gloves worn alcohol rinsed prior to removal . Lots of wiping down. shopping at 8 am to minimize people . The usual stuff, as a ret. divorced bachelor vet, rarely interact with humans, face to face.

Now we are seeing Gen2 Bat flu ramp ups tier 4 lockdown in the UK with it being stated at 70% easier to spread. The vax they made for CV19 gen 1 isn't effective vs gen 2. Yes I'm taking precautions but not believing the governments lines.
I would love to see the research on the vaccine being tested against the new strain of the virus. To my knowledge it hasn't been tested on it yet.

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