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Re: First Steps: Radio Relief

Post by Denob »

crystalpistol wrote: Wed Mar 24, 2021 6:44 am Except for getting a "ghetto-blaster" when I was a teen, I've never been so excited about a radio!
My dynamo emergency radio was delivered yesterday and I'm really surprised to be feeling less anxious about things.
Knowing that I can at least try to connect to the outside world if SHTF has been a bigger relief than I thought it would be -I don't even have a water supply yet (which seems to be the most important thing for survival), but knowing that I can tune-in and hopefully hear where supplies might be offered, I think speaks more to my optimism than being a survivalist? ;) Nevertheless, I got really into this new tool so that I'll know how to use it when/if the time comes. It's had it's initial 24-hr charge, I've programed all the closest stations (including the American stations within range), and even made a little case that keeps it all together.
So my question to the panel is this: I think water storage is definitely next but perhaps I'm missing something more important? Alternative heat source is the fire-place so perhaps saving up for a generator to save food from spoiling is more important? The pump on the well is also electric so maybe saving access to well water is the priority? I've been seeing some really nice solar-panel generators but they're pricey - seems worth it given it wouldn't need fuel and would run much quieter than a regular generator. Maybe I should buy a regular generator for now while the price of the new technology comes down? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
If you are looking for a generator primarily for water supply, I would hold off for a while and take some baby steps first. For water, I wash and refill soda bottles. Figure on 2 2liter bottles per person per day. Store them out of the sunlight (in a closet or dark spot in the basement) to avoid algae. This is a simple and cheap way to store water...I would go for a 3 day to 1 week supply and keep adding to it from there.

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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by crystalpistol »

Thank You @Denob, I will start with that and move from there as I get things in order...
And thank you too @helicopilot, you got a point too that it'll save me some time, so I will definitely take your advice as I get better used to this site! :D
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Re: New Member Introductions

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Hello from Ontario. Looking for others who want to rent land.
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Re: New Member Introductions

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Welcome to the forum Alltheworldisastage.
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